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Hot PPC anti-cellulite body essence

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PPC body slimming essence / slimming serum slimming gel / slimming cream / Anti-cellulite body care

 * Description

Activation of cellulite remove by PPC, Bitter orange extract, yerba mate leaves extracts and coffee extract! Tightening effect by menthol and spearmint extract! Activation of penetration of the active ingredients by the heating sensation making slimming body line!

*What is PPC?

Abbreviation of the phosphatidylcholine is PPC which is phospholipid’s main ingredient extracted by beans. PPC is widely known as “Britney Spears’ injection” because of being injected to Britney Spears or “lipo-dissolve” or “lipid destruction injection”. Now, it is called as “secondary botox” beause of being widely known as botox.

In 1998 Paris, France, the first International Society for mesotherapy, it is known that PPC effects on dissolve the lipid and it is lipolysis enzyme, and extracted from the bean, and then it is widely used throughout World. PPC included in natural beans is main ingredient of our body, and cosmetics made by it have little side effect, and it has high skin affination and effectiveness on lipolysis. Our PPC cream includes PPC so it helps to smoothen orange cell(cellulite) area in your body.

How to use :


Massage strongly the body site where you want the slimming effect until the gel is absorbed. 1. Use dry skin.

2. It is more effective with beauty device for body, exercise or stretching

3. The heating sensation lasts for over 1 hour and the skin could become redness but it is due to absorption process of active ingredients, so you should use it at easy mind