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100% Coconut Creamy Soap for skin care

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100% Natural coconut soap


* Effect

brightening effect / pore & acne care /
skin calming effect /


* Ingredients

1. Fucoidan

Fucoidan can stimulate tissue replacement in the skin. In the October issue of Biological Pharmacology Bulletin, Japanese scientists reported that it is the Fucoidan content of seaweed that boosts the production of a protein - integrin, which repairs and firms skin. They further reported that Fucoidan promotes the contraction of collagen gel which serves to boost wound healing. It is also suggested that brown seaweed compounds actually shorten the cycle in which the skin cells replace themselves.

2. Licorice extract

Vitamin A, B and C are abundant in Licorice root, and glucose also is contained in it. So, it has whitening and brightening effect to skin.

And also, licorice root extract makes the moist and smooth skin and has skin calming effect, and has no side effect.

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil makes the creamy and rich bubbles and give the moisture to skin.

4. Apricot extract

Whitening effect

Dead skin cell removing effect

5. Sophora extract

Anti-inflammatory effect

6. Ulmus extract

Anti-inflammatory effect

Tightening effect

7. Chestnut shell extract

Acne care

Anti-inflammatory and anti-micobial effect

prevention of freckles

8. Peony extract

abundant tannin

oily skin care

pore minimizing effect

subum removal