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Anti-aging Whitening serum

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Main ingredients

1. EPS SEAFILL Immediate Anti-Wrinkle Ingredient

Derived from Marine Biotechnologies EPS SEAFILL is an active ingredient which tightens and fills in wrinkles with a demonstrated effectiveness of 15 minutes.
Its melting texture comforts the skin immediately after application. In the same time its novel structure surface gives properties to fill in wrinkles and a tightening effect to lift cutaneous relief. Effective after 15 minutes, it then works all day long. Derived from Biotechnological Research, this active ingredient is a purified and completely qualified Marine Exopolysaccharide which combines the effectiveness of synthetic molecules with the natural properties of plant extracts.

It used raw material of Codif Company of which raw material is favoritely used by Estée Lauder Companies.

It is high purity polysaccharide and high moisture factor.

It is effective against wrinkles effect within 15minutes.

2. PhycoJuvenineG :

It belongs to marine microbes and has excellent effective against wrinkles as a vitamin A derivatives.

3. Tomato Callus Culture Extract:

Tomato Callus Culture Extract makes healthy skin maximizing effect of carotene and vitamin A compare to normal tomato extract.


After cleansing and using moisturizing product, apply appropriate onto face lifting it up.