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100% coconut cellulose mask pack

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YOU Will get the baby face!

* Development Background

We had pursed the safe technology in cosmetics so we have completed the technology and obtain a patent technology.

It is a bio-cellulose fermentation from the microbial and use 100% of natural ingredients (coconut extracts).

Our BIO-CELL product line is applied our fermentation technology. Thus, you can use it safely and at easy.


* Description

- No chemical preservatives.

- Safer than sheet mask pack and cellulose mask pack.- similar to skin protein structure.

- 100nm diameter of hyper fine structure and essence does not run down.

- 3D net structure and stick on face completely.

: It is stick on face well so be called secondary skin.

- Moisture more than 200times of moisture contents of the dry weight.

- You can get the various effects such as whitening, anti-aging, pore minimizing and sebum removing effects.

- take a lot of effects with easy way.


* How to use

1. It consist of double structure such as “+ coconut gel”

Please take felt after opening the product

2. Put coconut cellulose translucence gel on the face.

3. Remove the mask after 20 – 60minute.

It gives moisture, soothing and skin reconstruction during 20minutes and pore and sebum care after 40~60minutes.


It is ok to use during sleeping due to powerful stickness!!

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